HelloHelp does not want to provide services that no one asks for,

do help you home as quickly and cheaply as possible in case of emergency

For 5 years you use the system for free and free

and for up to 20 years you can wait for free before taking up your free subscription

Within a 25-year period, you can use HelloHelp for 5 years, free of charge,

from the completion of the apartment you decide when to start

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The call system is included in the purchase of your apartment

and is always on standby and costs you nothing more

HelloHelp is here for all ages

and helps everyone from giving birth young to when you would fall

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HelloHelp makes home help calls accessible and as free as possible, from the first use of your flat,

This is what HelloHelp is all about and stands for!

HelloHelp can be activated however you want, whenever you want,

for minimum 1 month to maximum (free) 5 years

Everything you need to know

About HelloHelp'!


What does the HelloHelp offer include?

A communication system with a strong team behind it connected to your flat, that is HelloHelp. It guarantees to help you when you really need it. The reliable technology can be activated at your request at any time you wish. The application, both software and hardware, are included in the purchase of your apartment. The subscription is also included.


Who are the HelloHelpers?

HelloHelp is assured by reliable partners with the necessary expertise. Z-Plus stands ready as a partner in care coordination. HelloHelp assumes the integrative role between partners, the syndicate, and the user, ensuring communication and effective collaboration. With HelloHelp, the quality circle is complete.


How does HelloHelp work?

Once your apartment has been delivered, you can call on the HelloHelp team. After all, your apartment automatically has the right equipment and on-call service. You can use it free of charge for a period of 5 years. This period can also be spread over a period of up to 25 years.


What if the 5 year period is over?

If one day the 5 years or 60 months are used up, you pay, from then on, and if desired, a limited monthly contribution for organizing the HelloHelp services. This contribution is equal to what you normally pay for the services of Z-plus. With the difference that your communication system is already present in your flat.

HelloHelp makes the difference

Invest in a HelloHelp flat now!

A HelloHelp flat will cost you nothing more than a regular flat. But HelloHelp offers you or your tenant a lot more. A HelloHelp flat offers the resident the security and confidence to be able to live in the apartment for a very long time.


What HelloHelp promises you!

HelloHelp would like to provide residential apartments in selected locations all over the country with maximum user enjoyment, both in terms of time and in terms of helpfulness, safety and health. Making home help calls accessible without barriers and as free of charge as possible, from the first use of your flat, is what HelloHelp stands for!

Progressive and innovative

A HelloHelp flat for everyone?

HelloHelp wants to help by responding to the wish of every resident to be helped at home as much and for as long as possible. HelloHelp wants to keep freedom as high and costs as low as possible, both for the client and for the government.

Taking initiative together

HelloHelp flats in your city?

If you believe that your city or village also deserves a building with HelloHelp technology, you are thinking of a central location that you would like to share with HelloHelp, please let us know. We'll definitely find a way to work together here.

Our building bricks

How the HelloHelpers think

Keep it simple. Do not provide services that no one asks for. Help each other, work together! Not everything of value has to cost money. Life is about moments!
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With HelloHelp, living forever at home makes complete sense

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HelloHelp flats are always centrally located

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HelloHelp helps you stay at your forever home

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Helping is being there and not being expensive, that's HelloHelp

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Why not give your HelloHelp subscription to a good tenant? A very kind gesture!

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