Unique location
Living in Lauwe in Bernice is like living at home. The green and peaceful location, the good accessibility and the interesting cultural life and rich past make this place an attractive home for young and old.

The gracious residence houses comfortable living units that you want to furnish completely according to your own style and taste.

Invest in flexible living comfort
Those who want quality living now and later will find the ideal home in Bernice. Each of the 30 apartments is designed to allow the resident to live carefree at home for as long as possible. With an eye to the future and with attention to the worries of later. Each apartment is accessible by a spacious passenger elevator and has every comfort. You will find a bright living space, fully equipped kitchen, adapted bathroom and sanitary and electrical facilities. The commercial space overlooks the park with landscaped greenery, walking paths and petanque court.

Unique residential concept with an eye to the future
Bernice is the unique realization in the heart of the city characterized by spacious terraces, the high-quality finishes with the glass balustrades, a unique opportunity.
Bernice is also equipped with the HelloHelp app. Living in Bernice is overlooking a private park with a view of the church of Lauwe.

Bernice has a diverse range of apartments.
In addition to a spacious bike shed, car parking spaces and storage rooms are also provided in the basement.

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